Audiology Services Offered in Orange County, CA

Audiology is a medical science that pertains to a person’s hearing and balance, and the treatment of any related disorders. An audiologist is a trained medical professional who has completed several years of specialized education in this area of expertise in order to appropriately treat patients for a variety of auditory and balance conditions.

Our audiologist, Dr. Susan Eckardt, has been a licensed audiologist and hearing aid dispenser for more than 10 years.

What Can an Audiologist Treat?

Dr. Eckardt focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of hearing and balance problems. She will work directly with patients to develop a treatment strategy that best suits them, and will continually monitor the progress patients are able to make at bettering their condition.

Fitting Patients for Hearing Aids

Perhaps one of the most frequent reasons to visit an audiologist, hearing aid fittings are essential to finding the ideal hearing aid type and style for each individual. Hearing aids need to be specially programmed according to the person’s hearing difficulties and severity of hearing loss. This programming requires the work of an expert audiologist.

Earwax Removal

Another common problem that can lead to hearing issues is the buildup of earwax within the ear canal. Patients should never attempt to remove this wax on their own, as it can easily lead to significant damage of the ear and its various structures.

Perform Hearing Tests

One of the first diagnostic procedures performed for those experiencing hearing difficulties is a hearing test. This test produces an audiogram, which is a graphic representation of the individual’s reaction to numerous sounds at varying tones and frequencies.

Treatment for Tinnitus

Individuals who consistently hear sounds of buzzing, clicking, or ringing in their ears when no source to the sound exists are often diagnosed with tinnitus. This symptom is often the result of an underlying medical condition, or injury to the head or neck. Dr. Eckardt often works to identify the true cause of a patient’s tinnitus, and is then able to give professional recommendations on how to move forward with treatment.

Consultation on Products and Preventative Strategies

Even if a person does not suffer from a particular hearing condition, it can still be incredibly beneficial to visit with an audiologist to discuss various products that can save their hearing from future damage. There are of course many products that claim they can achieve such a goal, but speaking with a professional will be able to help you discover which ones have the credentials to support their claims.

Whatever the concern may be, do not hesitate to contact the audiology specialists of Southern California Ear, Nose, & Throat for an appointment! Individuals may contact any of our five offices located throughout Orange County by calling (562) 427-0550, or requesting an appointment online using our secure form.

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